Positive Vibes

I was hoping to have something posted on here before now but it has been one of those weeks.  I have been feeling sick since Wednesday and it has progressed since. I went to see my doctor yesterday to find out that I have influenza type A.  Otherwise known as the flu.  To make things a little sketchier, I am getting married in 7 days.  I choose to deal with this like I do with any other obstacle in life.  I find the positives.

Let me start by asking, “Can you remember a time that focusing on the negatives about something ever made it better?”  Maybe you have felt like I do right now or maybe you had all your professors schedule tests for the same day.  I think the natural reaction is to think negatively on this.  Everyone has done it, including me, and I don’t know why.  If you get on Facebook, you are going to see multiple statuses in your news feed that are filled with pity and negativity.  I didn’t notice I did it until I downloaded the app Timehop.  Oh man, did it make me feel stupid. Day after day I read statuses from years past of me asking for pity and showcasing my negativity.  How do you go about staying positive?

Staying positive is hard especially when you are in a situation that seems there is no positive.  First, know that whatever you are facing right now could always be worse.  For example, I have the flu and I am getting married in 7 days.  I am thanking God that at least it happened 8 days before my wedding. I have a decent chance to be better.  If not, I will at least be a lot better.  I could have got the flu the day before my wedding.

Second, concentrate on the positives. Seriously, crying about stuff never helped anyone! Plus no one wants to hear it either.  People who post pity posts or posts of negativity spread their vibe to everyone that reads it.  They tamper with your mood and you don’t even realize it.  Delete these people out or reach out to them to try and help.  If they keep constantly asking for your pity, don’t waste your time.  Maybe try to spread your vibes onto them.

Everyone is capable of change and this is an easy one to make.  Most don’t even realize they are doing it.  I am evidence of that.  So spread your positive vibes and spread this post to those people who need it most.  I am off to take a nap now. Good day everyone!



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